Beach Service

Premium Equipment, Family Prices

How to make a Reservation

  1. Click on a Package below.
  2. Choose your Date(s). Start Date is the 1st Day to Setup. End Date is the Last Setup Date. (One Day Reservation = Start & End Date will be the same date)
  3. Click Book.
  4. Go to Cart.
  5. Choose any Accessory to add to your Package. (Increase Quantity if you need more than one)
  6. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  7. Enter your Billing Address (where your credit card statement goes).
  8. Enter the Setup Location. Click here for our setup locations. Enter your rental address to determine the closest beach access {Mobile only}:
    1. City of Anna Maria – Named Avenues from Cypress to White
    2. Holmes Beach – Numbered Streets from 27th to 81st & Manatee Public Beach
    3. Bradenton Beach – Numbered Streets from 22nd to 26th & Bridge Street (from August to March only)
    4. Bean Point – Fern Avenue or Gladiolus Street (from August to March only)
  9. Choose the Street or Avenue of the public beach access to set up at.
  10. Enter any Notes (please understand we may not always be able to accommodate special requests but will try).
  11. Enter your Credit Card Information.
  12. Read and accept the Legal Disclaimer. We do suggest Trip Insurance for any unforeseen need to cancel. (Typically available from your rental company)
  13. Click Place Order.

You will receive a credit card receipt email, a reservation confirmation email, and an email from us with information on what will happen the day(s) of your reservation.


All dates are currently available, unless greyed out. Please text or call us at (855) 736-8622 or email us at if you have any questions or have any issues booking a package.

Family Sports Package

$160.00 / Day
$925.00 / 6 Days

Family Package

$130.00 / Day
$750.00 / 6 Days

Couples Package

$115.00 / Day
$650.00 / 6 Days

BYOC Package

$100.00 / Day
$575.00 / 6 Days

DIY Package

$75.00 / Week


The Experience

Day of Your Reservation

  • Your package should be set up by 10:00am (unless current weather prohibits then we will set up as quickly as the weather allows)
  • A trash bag and a recycle bag will be included for your convenience
  • Show up ready to relax and enjoy your day at the beach
  • Leave when you are ready (please place the Bluetooth speaker in the back in the hanging bag, and place all trash & recyclables in the provided bags)
  • Removal will begin after 5:00pm.
  • Seasonal adjustments to setup and removal times may be required due to shorter days.

Bad Weather​

  • Our intention is to notify you by 9:00am if we are not able to set up or will set up late due to the weather
  • Typically there are three (3) reasons for cancelling: –
    • Sustained winds of 25mph​ or higher
    • Projected rain for more than 5 hours
    • Severe weather alert (ie: Tropical Storm or Hurricane)
  • If severe weather should happen, please lay the chairs flat on the sand, leave and take shelter as your safety is most important
  • Please read our Terms of Service for our cancellation and refund terms.


  • Equipment Exchange – We do not allow exchanges for our side tables and Bluetooth speakers as they are included in most packages automatically. Adding a Zero-Gravity Chair Exchange to your Cart will remove one Resort-Style Beach Chair from your package. Your Confirmation will NOT reflect this change. This is NOT adding a chair but exchanging one for the other.
  • Location Change – We do allow for different location on different days. Please provide us with at least 12 hours’ notice if you would like to change locations. Also, please keep in mind we only service the following areas from August to March: Bean Point (north of Cypress Avenue) and south of 11th Street N in Bradenton Beach (no service at Cortez Beach or Coquina Beach). Please use the Contact page to Text or Email Us to let us know the new location. We will confirm the change in location by the method you notified us from. If you do not receive a response, please proceed to the original location.
  • Additional Equipment – We are happy to provide additional equipment if you decide you would like to add them later. Please text, call, or email us with the additional equipment you would like to rent. We will either charge your original method of payment, send you an invoice to pay, or take take payment by phone. We request you do this by 8:00pm the evening before. You will receive two (2) emails – 1) a credit card confirmation email, and 2) another email from us confirming we received your request and will add it to your package for the day(s) you requested.
  • Late Pickup – We will accept requests for a late pick-up until 6:30pm or 15 minutes before sunset (whichever occurs first). Please Text or Email Us prior to 3:00pm and ask if we can accommodate a late pick-up and how long you would like to stay. We will reply back whether or not we are able to approve your request. We will do everything possible to adjust our pick-up schedule to provide you the extra time but please be understanding if we have reasons why we are unable to. We do not charge for late pick-ups (ie: free).
  • Tipping – We are in the process of hiring a crew to assist with setting up and taking down the equipment daily. They will work extremely hard to provide the best service so any tip you provide will go 100% directly to them. Please feel free to add one to your reservation or leave a cash tip in the zipper portion of the bag hanging in one of the corners of your tent.