How far in advance should I reserve my rental?
We are able to accept reservations up until early the morning of unless we are fully booked. We do book up days in advance during peak season (Spring Break & between Memorial Day and the 2nd week of August). Please reserve as soon as you have your plans made.
Is the full reservation due when I book?

Yes, since we are a small, family-owned company, we do require the full amount up-front to reserve your package, accessories, and date(s).

What areas do you serve?

Our service area is north at Cypress Avenue in the City of Anna Maria, all of Holmes Beach public accesses, south to 11th Street N in Bradenton Beach (Queen’s Gate resort). Please see the Google Map on our home page.

What time is everything set up by?
It is our intention to have everything set up by 10:00am. Rain could keep us from setting up by this time or if we are fully booked. We will notify you if we are delayed. 
Most days, we are walking out on the beach at daylight to ensure we have all of our valued customers taken care of by 10:00am.
Do I have to be there when you set up?
No, we will set everything up and then notify you when it is ready. You are free to come and go as you please throughout the day.
What time do you take down?

We start our take downs at 5:00pm. It depends on how many setups we have and where all of our setups are on where we start. We could be at your location at 5:00pm or it might be later. Please feel free to stay until we arrive if you would like.

How do I know which tent is mine?

We take a picture of your tent with our backs to the water and will email it to you when we let you know everything is set up.  The tent will also have your name on it. 

Our tents have our logo on them so they are very easy to see when you are walking out towards the water.

What if it is a rainout for the day of my reservation?
Please understand rain is a possibility almost every day on the Island. Most days it is a quick shower. If we have rain forecast for more than 5 hours, then we will need to cancel set ups for the day. At that point, you have the option for a full refund or to move your reservation to another day, if we have availability.
We do monitor the weather closely when there are storms predicted and will contact you if we will not be able to set up, set up late, or have to take down early.
What if it rains after everything is set up?

Our tents and equipment are water-resistant except for the cornhole bags. Please place the cornhole bags under the tent if they are out.

If you feel your safety is at risk, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! Do not worry with any of the equipment!

If it rains, feel free to stay as long as your safety is NOT at risk.

Once the sun comes back out then everything usually dries fairly quickly.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to our Terms of Service (link below) for the full details of our policy if you need to cancel. Any refund is based on how many days are left until your reservation.

If we have to cancel for the following weather related forecasts, we will issue a full refund: 

  • Rain forecast for more than 5 hours
  • Sustained winds over 20mph
  • A Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warning
Do you service Bean Point?

No, unfortunately due to the limited parking in that area, we do not service Bean Point.  Cypress Avenue is the most northern public beach access we serve.

Do you service Coquina Beach, Cortez Beach, or Bridge Street at the Moose Club?
Due to being a commercial operation, Manatee County does not allow us to service Coquina Beach or Cortez Beach. While we would love to service Bridge Street at the Moose Club, the steps leading onto the beach makes it prohibitive for our cart and equipment.
Do you deliver any food or drinks?

No, we do not offer any food or drink deliveries.

Scott’s Deli does deliver to our entire service area and they have GREAT food.

AMI Coconuts offers great drinks (non-alcoholic) in an actual carved out coconut. They will also deliver to your location.

Should I tip the person setting up or taking down?

While we appreciate the fact that you would like to tip for good service, we are just a small, family-owned business so a Google or Facebook review would be way more meaningful for us! 

What if I would like to add an accessory to my reservation after I have booked?

Please text or call us at (855) 726-8622 or email us and let us know what you would like to add. We will check to make sure we have it available and let you know. If it is, we will ask if you would like to pay using your original payment method. If so, we will charge that and add it to your reservation.

Can I change locations from one day to the next?

Yes, please complete the booking process for multiple days and enter the location of the first day at checkout. Then send us a text at (855) 726-8622 or email to state where you would like set up at for any other day. We will confirm by email each day and location.